Designed and built, by hand, in the southern United States. 1/8th'' steel sides and aluminum top/bottom. Standard pedal 9vDC power jack operation (No battires anymore). This is some hard, heavy metal but If it breaks, we fix it.

Nostalgia in a can! The orangecream dreams of the days when men were men, the amps were dimed, and the audience left the show deaf. The cream side is the basis of her tone and makes your notes smooth as butter and as sustain-y as Nigel's '59 sunburst. Put it up front in your chain and use your guitar's volume to control your gain like it's 1971, or run it right behind a compressor to set an overall input gain that can still be finely tuned with your guitar's controls. When you need a little more crunch and attack, dial in some of the orange side and become an instant god of rock. Leather pants and trashed hotel rooms are right around the corner.
Swagger to your destiny, son.

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Bass players, we heard you. Now, the rest of the world will, too. Funeral is the sound of impending doom. We wanted something mean and gnarly – something that wouldn't get lost in the mix when you're playing alongside three drop-tuned guitars and a keyboardist with no right hand. There's so much headroom on tap that the only question is how cruel you want to be to your preamp. Couple that with pedal generated fuzz that can be dialed in parallel to the already morbid crunch, and you'll begin to wonder why any bass distortion ever had more than two knobs.

Think of what "...And Justice for All" would've sounded like had this been around.

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